Windsor Community Orchestra

The Windsor Community Orchestra is a local orchestra for all musical abilities. It includes children above 9 years old, young people and adults, who meet to learn a wide range of music and perform together in the community.

The orchestra started up in 2004. It has been doing 3 concerts a year since then.

Our members

Anyone who plays or is learning a musical instrument is welcome to join us. Currently, the orchestra contains keyboards and saxophones as well as the more traditional orchestral instruments of violins, brass, woodwind and percussion. We welcome players of any grade or ability, but the orchestra is designed for those under grade 6.

All you need to be eligible to join is:

  • have your own instrument
  • be able to play some notes
  • read some music notes
  • be enthusiastic to play all sorts of music
  • be keen get to know the other players
  • be aged over 9

Our meetings

We meet for 10 weeks each academic term in two stints of 5 weeks either side of half term. Each meeting is for 2 hours, with a break for refreshments and conversation in the middle.

The first 9 meetings are rehearsals preparing us for the last week of the 10, which is always a concert.

We meet on Thursdays at 7.00 p.m. at the Dedworth Green Baptist Church.

Occasionally we also do extra events which may require an extra rehearsal or two.

Full details of our regular meetings and any extra events are on the Orchestra's Calendar page.

Our concerts

We regularly performs 3 concerts a year. Each concert includes 5 or 6 orchestral pieces, and also features solos and smaller groups made up of members of the orchestra. These have been as diverse as a brass duet, an accordion solo and a jazz trio.

Occasionally, we also do special events and concerts, where we put together pieces from our repertoire that suit the occasion.

We never charge for our concerts but do take voluntary donations at the door which we then give to charity. Each term, the orchestra chooses a charity that a member has a connection with or has benefitted from.

The music we play

We play all sorts of music, from the classical repertoire you might expect of an orchestra to more modern music. Occasionally, music is composed especially for the orchestra either by our musical director or some of our members.

All the music is arranged for the orchestra to ensure all members can contribute to the performance.

The News page gives a flavour of the concerts and the music we play.

How to join

Joining the orchestra costs only £30 per term with reductions for additional family members.

To join the orchestra, you can e-mail us at, use the form on the Contact us page, call on 01753 859123, or even just turn up, instrument in hand, at one of the rehearsals.

Our conductor

The orchestra is conducted and managed by Elaine Foakes. Elaine brings her vision, skills and many years of experience as a full time music educator to enable people of all ages and abilities to play well together.

Elaine organises and arranges the music, and tailors the music to the standard of each individual player. She ensures no one is left out and everybody adds to the music the orchestra creates. Members find that it a great way to improve their musical skills and each term concludes with a final performance all can be proud of.

Windsor Community Orchestra is a non-profit, private organisation. It endeavours to provide a safe and secure experience for all who participate. It operates to a data protection and safeguarding policy designed to support this. Details can be provided on request. Please use our contact form if you require more details.

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