Windsor Community Orchestra

2021 Spring concert


The orchestra and audience zooming in

The Windsor Community Orchestra held its 2021 Spring Concert via Zoom. With 56 Zoom screens, the Spring concert was very well attended. Other than one solo piece, performances were made by individual recordings brought together by the magic of modern computers. This included mostly modern jazzy pieces, designed to lift our spirits in this locked-down world.

As always, the concert was an opportunity to raise money for charity. £525 was raised and will be given to 2 charities with which orchestra members have a link.

The first was Alzheimers Dementia Support, and in particular their Singing for Pleasure. Terrie Hall, one of its leaders, attended the concert and gave an introduction to the charity. Our link is through alto sax player, Edwina, who goes along to the Singing for Pleasure with her dog, Buster. Edwina and her dog are trained to find missing people, which is sometimes required for people with dementia.

The second charity is Assisting Berkshire Children to Read. This supports volunteers trained to assist children at school to catch up with their reading and to help parents to assist their children as well. The link to the orchestra is through alto sax and clarinet players, Rob and Jinny, who have volunteered to be trained to go into local primary schools but had to postpone due to lockdown last March.

Windsor Community Orchestra is a non-profit, private organisation. It endeavours to provide a safe and secure experience for all who participate. It operates to a data protection and safeguarding policy designed to support this. Details can be provided on request. Please use our contact form if you require more details.

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