Windsor Community Orchestra

2021 Summer concert

The Windsor Community Orchestra held its Summer concert on the 8th July. This was a virtual concert, where family, and friends of the orchestra joined us to hear performances by the orchestra put together as multi-tracked recordings. It also included solo pieces from some individual members, where clarinets, french horns and saxophones all had their moment to shine.

The orchestra continued its tradition of using its concerts to raise money for charity, and over £500 has been raised so far in this concert. The orchestra likes to support charities with which it or its members have a link. Some of our members have a link to Hungary, so this term we are supporting the Oltalom Charity.

Windsor Community Orchestra is a non-profit, private organisation. It endeavours to provide a safe and secure experience for all who participate. It operates to a data protection and safeguarding policy designed to support this. Details can be provided on request. Please use our contact form if you require more details.

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